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What makes PLUTA Movement Therapeutics so unique? Unlike popular bodywork and yoga, PLUTA Movement Therapeutics, Inc. was designed by Nataly Pluta, PT, YT, who used her greater than 30 years of experience to develop this effective process. Our comprehensive and ongoing evaluation by a licensed PLUTA Movement™ Method Physical Therapist that assesses your entire body and how it aligns itself in various daily activities is what makes this process so effective. The individualized, custom made alignment program is based upon various techniques such as, neuro-developmental training, yoga therapy, Myofascial release, Active Release (ART), bio-mechanics and Feldenkrais and assists you in your awareness of how to align your body against gravity in the most efficient and pain-free manner throughout your day. Our sessions provide you with 45 minutes of one-on one treatment in a healing and nurturing atmosphere. We offer 24 hour day access to our P.T. professionals and appointment times that work around your busy weekday schedule.

Will my insurance cover the cost of therapy?
Most insurance companies cover physical therapy treatment when it is accompanied by a referral from your doctor (MD, DDS. DPM, OMD, DO or Chiropractor) and performed by a licensed Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant. We can perform your initial evaluation without this referral and then we readily communicate with your physician to generate your referral for treatment. After your full payment, we will gladly create and submit an insurance bill for your reimbursement.

What are the goals of therapy?
As part of this successful process, we require you to become a full partner with us in your treatment plan. This means your commitment to perform your customized home program, as directed, is crucial for your better health, pain relief, ease of movement and overall life balance. Additionally, office ergonomic assessments and gym or pool programs are offered as needed.

What should I wear to therapy? To ease your freedom of movement and assist in manual techniques and your therapists observation skills, loose fitting clothing, and shorts are preferable.

What types of problems do you treat?
Those with overall joint pain, muscle tightness, Back/Neck/Shoulder/Hip/Knee/Foot pain, Sciatica,Tendonitis, Bursitis, Repetitive Strain, Fracture recovery, Arthritis, Headaches, Infertility and other problems have benefited from our treatment.

How can a Physical Therapy help infertility? Ida Rolf, Ph.D., the founder of the body-work technique known as Rolfing long recognized the effect of pelvic muscular imbalances and their effect on infertility. PLUTA Movement Therapeutics, Inc. assesses and treats these specific imbalances in both women and men. These imbalances can affect the natural flow of the autonomic nervous system which supplies the reproductive organs. PLUTA Movement Therapeutics, Inc. also prescribes specific yoga poses to re-balance the pelvis and relax the nervous and circulatory systems in its "Seat of the Soul" program.

What is NEW at PLUTA Movement Therapeutics, Inc.? Our new, state of the art LASER treatment for muscular/joint and headache pain has been very effective and popular. We also offer on-site  massage services as a compliment to your journey towards optimal health.

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